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Medication for hair loss

Why hair loss medications are worth it

There has been much said about the cost and limitations of medication for hair loss. This has led many to give up on treating their hair loss altogether. They have become resigned to the fact that their appearance will forever be affected by thinning and balding hair. If you’re among this number, you should take a second look at medication for hair loss.

These medicines do a lot more than stimulate a few aging follicles. It can be credited with improving self-esteem, improving self-image and giving those with thinning hair a new lease on life. Anyone who is faced with this problem and a changing appearance knows how devastating it can be. Many are willing to try anything to stop losing this embarrassing condition. Hair loss medicines can make you more confident and bolder in social situations. This could lead to a new job, a date or a job promotion. Medication for hair loss may even give you the attitude and personality that you need to be at the hub of your social circle.

So, what’s the bottom line when it comes to using medicines? It’s worth it. Anything that helps your self-esteem and improves your appearance is worth the time, effort and money that you put into it. Remember; not all hair loss medications are right for everyone. Learn what types of medications are available before you make your final decision.

Different types of hair loss medication

Before you begin your treatment, you need to find the right medication. There are two paths that you can take when it comes to treating hair loss with medication: all-natural and chemical. While chemical treatments often work best, natural treatments are less expensive and are not damaging to the hair and scalp. Some of the most popular medications that people are treating hair loss with medication with include:

  • Propecia – Propecia is considered to be the medication for men on the market today. It is FDA approved, comes in the form of a pill, and has withstood 6 years of clinical trials. The best part? Participants in the trial have maintained hair counts for the duration.
  • Rogaine – Rogaine is the number one topical medication for men and women. One of the upsides associated with Rogaine is that it works fast.
  • Procerin – Procerin does not work as fast as Rogaine but is still considered to be one of the best medicines. Why? Because the growth associated with Procerin is thick, strong and healthy unlike the growth stimulated by some other products which can be brittle and sparse.

Popular natural treatments include phototherapy, massage therapy and select herbs and nutritional supplements.

Which will work best for you? It’s really up to you. If you can afford the cost associated with treating hair loss with medication and you need to see quick results, over the counter medications are your best bet. If you want to slow down your problem and increase the health of your hair and scalp for very little money, treating it with natural medication would be your best option.

Treating hair loss with medication is always a personal decision. Many people are willing to try anything to stop or reverse hair loss, whereas others don’t want to be bothered with the effort. Should you begin treating your condition with medicines as well? Again, the decision is up to you, but if you are uncomfortable in social settings or if your self-esteem has taken a considerable blow since your problem, you should certainly consider it.

Why you should start using hair loss medication

Many people do not know that there are so many different hair loss medications out there to get help. You do not have to go through this alone and there are many different safe and effective ways to get yourself looking better than ever and making you feel attractive again. You do not have to go through life without having luxurious hair. You can have the natural hair that you want with the right type of hair loss medications.

Using the hair loss medications that are out there will help you feel better and get you on the right track. You do not have to settle for something that is not working for you. If you decide to use one type of treatment, and it is not being effective, you can change to something else.

General hair loss medication for men and women

There are quite a number of medications for hair loss which can be either the prescribed ones or the medicines that are sold over the counter. If you visit the doctor and you are a man then the chances are quite high that he will prescribe you Rogaine. This medicine uses another drug called the Minoxidil to fight this problem in men.

This particular drug enlarges the follicle of the hair and eventually instigates the growth of hair. Now this medicine is also being used to treat same problem in women. They can use this in the form of a cream which needs to be applied on the scalp at least twice a day on a regular basis.

If you are a woman then the general hair loss medication for you is Propecia. This is used as pills. This particular medicine acts on the hormones that often result in shrinking the hair follicles and thus it prevents losing your hair.

Side effects of hair loss medication

There are very few hair loss medicines which are absolutely free from all sorts of side effects. So if you are using a medicine for some reason then you will have to accept that there will beside effects which are often fatal enough to be treated separately.

Propecia when used as a treatment for men, can result into a strong side effect which is by no means acceptable by men. It can cause sexual weakness like the lowering of the libido. In fact up to 6% of the male users of Propecia face this problem.

But the researches are revealing some interesting facts currently. They say that this side effect is a temporary one which can vanish within few days. For women this drug can be harmful in terms of complications during the child birth.

There are other medications for hair loss as well but before going for them make sure that you are aware of all possible side effects that come along with them.

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