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What is Rogaine?

Rogaine for men is the latest product in the market of hair loss treatment options and has indeed made a place for itself by providing effective results. This product enlarges the hair follicles and would reverse the shrinking process which most commonly leads to hair thinning.

If you prefer to use this product to treat your hair loss problem, then you have to make it a point to integrate it as a part of your routine. Its formulation is the first approved hair loss treatment by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The main active ingredient in Rogaine is minoxidil. This minoxidil was initially designed to treat or lower the blood pressure. Experts had observed that hair growth is one of the side effects of using this ingredients hence, they have developed and formulated it in treating alopecia.

Rogaine is an over-the-counter hair loss treatment and comes in two forms: foam and solution. It has different formulation both men and women. According to FDA, the right dosage for men should not exceed 5% minoxidil and should not exceed 3% for women. If your alopecia problem is genetic or hereditary, you may have to use this product as a part of your regular routine in hair care.

How to use Rogaine?

It is extremely easy to use and it provides results also in satisfactory time span. Once you open the bottle, simply disperse a small dosage of the contents on your fingers and start massaging it on the scalp. Now just let in soak for few minutes and you are done with the application of this product. Isn’t it simple?

  1. You have to select what Rogaine what you want – is it the Rogaine Unscented Foam or the Rogaine Extra Strength Solution for men or if you are a women, the Rogaine Topical Solution for Women.
  2. If you prefer the foam (for men) or topical solution (for women), you have to integrate it to your hair care regimen because it will part of your routine as there may be side effects if you stop using Rogaine.
  3. Use and apply Rogaine twice a day for better results.
  4. Dispense the foam (if you are using the Rogaine foam), as much as ½ capful, to your fingertips. It is recommended to hold the can straight upside down.
  5. Apply the foam to the affected area of the scalp. Ensure that you part the hair where there is thinning.
  6. Use the fingertips to massage the foam to the affected part of the scalp. Massage it gently making sure that you smoothly spread the foam to the affected scalp.
  7. Always wash your hands after doing the above.

If you are planning to put other hair treatment to your hair such as hairspray, wax and so on, you have to apply Rogaine first. You have to let the foam dry to your scalp before putting on other treatment. This should be your routine every day – morning and night.

If you are using an extra high concentration, make sure that you have a dropper at hand or a helper. You will need just massage this just like the foam. You need to drop certain amount (as prescribed in the direction) to the affected area using a dropper. It would be difficult for you to do this alone and hence, try to seek help form your spouse, your kid, your brother or whoever is in your house.

You have to do this as regularly as possible. For men, it will take four months before you can great result. For women, you may have to wait a year before you can see great results.

How does Rogaine work?

You have to know how this hair regeneration formula works. It works by increasing blood flow to balding areas. This will prompt inactive hair producing cells to speed up follicle production. After a few weeks of constant application, you will notice that the follicles are thicker around the base.

There are studies that show that this form will work for a few subjects and not on others. Rogaine does not have a 100% success rate. The large majority of successes have been on smaller patches and on the top of the head. People with receding hairlines, completely bald scalps and thin hair in the sides of the head have reported lower success rates. Rogaine may not also work for you if your hair follicles are permanently damaged or are absent.

Does Rogaine really work?

So you are worried and like millions of others you want to know does Rogaine really work. Hair loss is a mentally painful condition that unfortunately a huge percentage of men and women suffer from.  Whether it is temporary or pattern baldness, the effects can be dramatic. Out of this deep human need for a cure has grown a multi-billion dollar industry that touts thousands of solutions. So it is understandable that you are doing your research on this product before you try this. You don’t want to be another one of those unfortunate stories that have been trying a solution for years only to find out that it never had a chance of stopping your hair loss.

Rogaine has been around for almost 2 decades now. This not only means that it is an established brand but it surely answers the question does Rogaine really work. Of course just because it is an established brand does not mean that this is true. Rogaine contains Minioxidil which is the key dht blocker formula that helps prevent hair loss and also has some hair regrowth properties. Trials over many years have show some dramatic results for users.

Some people had mild improvements, others have had dramatic improvements. The people with the most dramatic hair loss improvements are usually those with moderate hair loss. The regain strength in their hair and prevent hair loss before the follicles become too damaged or die.

The worst thing you can do is just hope the problem will go away. It simply will not (unless it is health related short term hair loss). Pattern baldness is a genetic programming and cannot be reversed or changed. You can use the likes of this product to fight the effects on the follicles that this genetic programming does.

What are the side effects of Rogaine?

It is initially worth noting that this product rarely causes any serious side effects requiring medical attention which is why it is still being sold over the counter. However, Rogaine side effects such as impotence are documented. Other Rogaine side effects include:

  • Scalp irritation, dryness, itching, and red flaky skin. Fortunately, all these conditions can be alleviated with dandruff shampoo.
  • Growth of hair in parts that come into contact with the growth treatment. This is an unintended side effect which makes it important to warn users of growth treatments to ensure they protect areas they do not desire to have new hair growth and always wash their hands thoroughly after use.
  • Greasy looking hair can also result from the use of this product. This is because it contains Propylene Glycol. Fortunately, Rogaine foam for men eliminates the problem.

Side effects from hair loss treatments, including Rogaine, is one thing users have to contend with because the treatments take almost three months before visible results can be achieved. The body has to adjust to the changes all this while. The treatments also require frequent applications such as twice per day.

However, contrary to rumors and a few claims here and there, Rogaine is not known to cause serious health side effects such as sudden drop in blood pressure, chest pains or impotence. This is why FDA has not withdrawn it from the market despite rumors about severe Rogaine side effects.

Rogaine for women

Women have a desire for thicker, healthier and beautiful hair. There are multiple reasons attributed for hair loss in women. Rogaine for women is the first and the only FDA approved treatment. This treatment has been proved clinically to grow hair on women successfully. Rogaine for women has been recommended by dermatologists all around the world. Though this treatment has been specified for treating women. Men have also benefited from this system. Rogaine for women however works better on women than on men. The product helps to stimulate the hair follicles and helps in new growth. This new growth will help in regaining fullness of the hair. This treatment is an effective way to feel young and attractive again. Rather than teaching yourself new ways to hide your scalp, you can now flaunt your hair in style.

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