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Top 10 vitamins and hair loss supplements

If you have any of these conditions, there are ways to boost your immune system by taking vitamins for hair growth. Finding the best supplements for hair loss is not difficult. Read the ingredients and look for the ones that will treat the type of  loss you have, but remember that even the best supplement needs time to work. Have patience because it may take a month or more to work. Below is a list of 10 essential minerals, vitamins and supplements for hair loss.

Vitamin B12

Dermatologists are now recommending B12 as a way to prevent thinning locks. Just 2 micrograms of vitamin B12 a day can make a huge difference. One of the most natural ways to acquire all the vitamin B12 you need is through the foods you eat. Dairy products, liver, mackerel, crab, tofu, bran, beef and eggs all have vitamin B12. If you want to expedite your hair growth, you could combine a good diet with a supplement until you achieve your desired result.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that boosts the immune system. You can take a vitamin C as a supplement or eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that are contain Vitamin C. These include: mango, oranges, red bell pepper, strawberries, cauliflower, pineapple, broccoli, chili peppers, kale, kiwi fruit, and papaya.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is another powerful antioxidant. There are literally hundreds of skin and hair care products available that have trace elements of Vitamin A in them. Vitamin A is known to improve eyesight, reduce the appearance of scarring and aid in the repair of tissues in the scalp. Three very good reasons to make sure that you are getting enough Vitamin A in your diet. Vitamin A is available as a supplement. Alternatively you can obtain all the Vitamin A you need from the following foods: fish, sweet potato, carrot, romaine lettuce, apricots and sweet red pepper.


Magnesium is an important mineral that aids in the growth of strong healthy hair. You may not know that you have a Magnesium deficiency until your hair becomes brittle and begins to fall out. Foods high in magnesium are: raw spinach, nuts, beans, brown rice, avocado and bananas.

Vitamin D

One of the most essential hair loss supplements is Vitamin D. Spending time in the sunshine is a great way to increase your vitamin D levels. You only need an hour of sunlight daily. If it is wintertime you can take a Vitamin D supplement or eat the following foods; oysters, fish, cod liver oil and mushrooms.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has been used in creams and lotions to repair skin. It can also promote the growth of strong, healthy hair. You can take Vitamin E as a supplement or introduce the following foods into your diet; sunflower seeds, tofu, almonds, shellfish, olive oil, broccoli and pumpkin.


How do you know if you are deficient in Zinc? Your hair and nails will become very brittle and break easily. Zinc can be found in a wide range of foods such as: seafood, beef, lamb, wheat germ, spinach, cashews, pork, chicken, dark chocolate, beans and mushrooms or can be taken as a supplement for hair loss.


Niacin is part of the vitamin B family. Niacin not only promotes growth it can prevent it from falling out. Did you know that Niacin deficiency is a real condition? It’s called pellagra and while it isn’t life threatening it can affect your scalp, hair and nail bed. It’s important to make sure that you are getting enough Niacin in your diet, especially if you want healthy hair. Pork, chicken, peanuts, sunflower seeds, green peas and avocado are all good sources of niacin.


The body doesn’t retain Biotin, so it is important that you are getting enough in your daily diet. Biotin has become one of the most important hair growth vitamins on the market. It is found in the best hair loss supplements. Biotin can also be found in mushrooms, tuna, turkey, eggs, salmon, peanut butter, cheese, sardines, berries, bananas, soy beans and beef.


Iron is another important mineral for hair growth. Iron deficiency can cause anemia, lethargy and hair thinning. Be careful with iron supplements as they can cause constipation. You can find iron in the following foods:  clams, mussels, oysters, red meat, lentils, tofu, liver and nuts.

There you have it 10 essential vitamins, minerals and supplements for hair loss. The best way to get all of the nutrition you need is with a healthy, balanced diet. You can also take multi-vitamin and mineral supplements to compliment your diet and maintain healthy, beautiful hair.

How a hair loss supplement can save you

A hair loss vitamin supplement can often help you reduce the rate at which you lose hair. It keeps your hair healthy and growing properly. The best time to start taking a hair loss vitamin supplement is as soon as you think you might see thinning. If your family has a history of balding you will want to start taking the best hair loss supplements right away to prevent future loss. It may take several weeks or more to start working. The body needs to start absorbing and using the substances found in the supplements, which can take some time. Do not worry if you don’t see results overnight. Because these supplements are safe and do not typically have side effects you can continue to take them as a part of your daily routine.

How to choose the best hair loss supplements

When choosing the best hair loss supplement first consider what may be causing your problem. The best product help you body by adding the important substances that you may be lacking to improve retention. One of the most common causes of male balding is an excess amount of the male hormone DHT. The best hair loss supplement may use a DHT inhibitor to reduce the levels of this hormone and thus process. Another one of the best products may contain growth stimulants that actually help to promote new growth.

The best product is the one that works for you. It is best to start taking the best product as soon as you notice any slight thinning. The medicine will assist in helping you to keep the hair you have and will slow hair from falling out. Keep in mind that even the best products can take several months or more to work properly. The factors that lead to individual  loss are unique and may be a blend of several things. Once you find the best hair loss supplement that works for you continue taking it to see the best and longest lasting results.

Why you should buy hair loss supplements

Your looks need your special attention but it is very difficult to give time to these things. Gone are the days when old methods were used for your outcome. Now there are several hair loss pills available in the market. There are several benefits of these hair loss supplements that establish the effective health to your hair. The idea behind designing these products is to provide the easy and prompt growth. Buying hair loss pills has many benefits and some of the advantages are given below.

The innovation of supplements for hair loss is the source to fill up the nutrient gaps by providing an innovative technology. In this way, you can be able to raise the length and health of your hair with these widely available hair loss pills. You can avail the facility of the solid health in very short period of time. It helps to make you look longer and healthier.

Buying supplements for hair loss is also beneficial for the users in order to save the time. You can avail the facility of the easy to use and quick results as well. It assists in saving the time of traveling and connecting people due to the various compelling features.

The important values of a hair loss pills are the efficient hair treatment services and customers must be happy with it due to prompt results because they are getting the best quality. It is true to say that supplements for hair loss are the ultimate solutions to provide the proficient growth services. You can look young, healthy and handsome again in the blink of an eye with our hair loss supplements.

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