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Hair loss specialists

When to contact a hair loss specialist

If you’re one of the more than 20 million people who are dealing with signs of thinning and hair loss, you likely feel scared and embarrassed. Each time you brush and see signs of excess shedding or notice extra hair in the drain of the tub or shower after you shampoo, you may feel anxious and worried about your appearance.

The truth is that this condition is very treatable. The majority of people who suffer from it can stop thinning and even regrow hair with the right treatment. Depending on your type, there may be many available treatments to help you cope with the problem. The first step is determining the cause of your problem, which will require the help our our hair loss specialists.

Once you have a diagnosis, you’ll be in the position to choose the right treatment solution for your needs.

Most people have a natural inclination to talk to their primary care or family doctor about their problem, but often general practitioners lack the necessary experience and training to effectively treat it. To have the best chance for success, you’re well served to have a consult with a hair loss specialist or a hair loss doctor who has advanced knowledge of the many causes, types and treatments. Our hair loss doctors treat disorders of the hair and scalp, so you’ll want to schedule an appointment with them.

Why you should choose for our hair loss specialists

If you’re concerned about your hair loss and looking for information on how to stop it and regrow your hair naturally without invasive hair transplant surgery or exposure to harmful toxins and chemicals you have come to the right place. We have extensively researched a wide range of natural hair loss supplements and hair loss pills in order to uncover the most effective treatments on the market. Our goal is to assist you as best we can with your hair loss treatment decision.

Most of our customers would like to style their locks like they could in their youth and help recreate their own identity, but there are so many other reasons why people consult a hair loss doctor, that everyone’s reason is different. For some, the reason to see a hair loss specialist is to deal with confidence issues.

Below we will list some of the primary reasons why clients our choosing for our hair loss doctors:

1) Confidence – As mentioned earlier, confidence is the number one reason that people take hair loss pills. They are hoping that when they go out in public they experience absolutely no doubt about whom they are and how they feel. They want to have the confidence they need to impress anyone without people staring at their heads.

2) Style – Let’s face it, your hair is part of your style. Even if you wear a hat over your crew cut head, you still require some amount of hair in order to make the style work.

3) Girlfriends/Wives – Even if you do not experience confidence issues from your hair loss, you may want to buy hair loss medication to make sure you please your significant other. Whether they admit it or not, your wife or girlfriend is going to be more comfortable in public with you if you have a full head of hair, and it will also give them something they can run their hands through, which is always a plus.

4) Future Girlfriends/Wives – Just because you have no confidence issues caused by your hair loss does not mean you can’t recognize that it is harder to attract the opposite sex when you are balding. It is simply less attractive than a full head of hair, and even if you meet someone that doesn’t care, it is better safe than sorry.

5) Professionalism – If you work at a business, presentation is everything. Part of presentations is making sure you make as favorable an impression as possible, and to do that you need to make sure that you appear clean cut and ready to impress. A gleaming bald head, though it may make you look older, does not create the powerful impression that you will want it to.

As you can see, everyone has their own reasons to consult a hair loss specialist. No reason is right or wrong. Rather, they are all unique reasons that men everywhere decide to purchase products like Propecia. Consult one of our hair loss specialists to see if medication is something to consider for you too.

One of our hair loss specialists will most likely put you in a treatment regimen that may include the use of topical and oral medications. FDA-approved Minoxidil and Finasteride are the drugs of choice when it comes to androgenic alopecia. Minoxidil is a topical solution that increases blood supply to the scalp, giving nourishment to the hair follicles. Finasteride, meanwhile, is an oral drug that stops the further progression of alopecia and promotes  growth. There are other drugs, too, that are said to be helpful in preventing and treating these problems in men, but they are not yet approved by the FDA. So to be safe, you might just focus on those approved by the FDA, and these are Minoxidil and Finasteride.

Don’t wait too long to act. The moment you notice fall out, immediately seek the proper treatment.

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