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What is a receding hairline?

Many men struggle when it comes to early signs of hair loss and are concerned about a receding hairline? The progression of hair loss which is described as male pattern baldness is an indication of a receding hairline. The causes for this occurrence vary depending on individual differences, but has largely been attributed to family history and genetics.

The hair will often begin to recede by thinning on the sides of the forehead and the top of the head. After a period of time many individuals will eventually develop a completely bald patch on the crown. The first signs of male pattern baldness will usually appear in the late twenties to early thirties among the male population.

There are many factors which contribute to the development of this condition. Research has indicated that the main cause for thinning hair in men is due to the role of genetics. The sex hormone, dihydrotestosterone has also been associated with male pattern balding as it naturally peaks during puberty then decreases over time. In those with early balding, this hormone continues to be produced in abundance affecting and stunting hair growth.

Over a period of time, those diagnosed with this condition will experience complete loss of their tresses in specific areas. With advances in modern technology and medicine, a large number of treatment options are available to those who wish to slow down the process. In instances where a large amount of hair has been lost, follicle transplants have received the greatest success.

Drugs, shampoos, and lotions may be purchased however, it is best advised to consult with medical practitioners or hair loss doctors before implementing such methods for the prevention of adverse side effects. A large number of these products are further ineffective for reversing the condition and instead many opt to cut locks into short styles which makes the thinning less noticeable. There are actually many herbal and naturally developed products that have been known to work quite well for as a receding hairline treatment. If you would like to know more about how to stop a receding hairline or even how to reverse a receding hairline you came to the right website.

Receding hairline triggers

Androgenic alopecia is attributed to be the cause of almost 95% of receding hairline and hair loss cases in men. Otherwise known as normal pattern baldness, it is considered to be a normal hair loss in men which commences with the thinning of hair at the temple and forehead area and progressing backward. It readily forms into a widow’s peak as the hairline slowly retreats back and will ultimately go down the side of the head. To be able to discern a normal male pattern baldness from a serious medical problem, one thing to remember, is the appearance of redness on the scalp, hair loss in patches and pain. These indications only appear when hair loss is cause by a medical problem.

Most receding hairline in males as well as females is cause by inherited genes. Although there is no certain proof yet as to which side of genes causes baldness, it is suspected that it is passed on through the maternal grandparents’ side. Hair loss and a receding hairline is cause by the overproduction of an enzyme 5-alpha reductase which when combined with the male sexual hormone or testosterone, creates a potent combination which can attack hair follicles and make them brittle and ultimately falls off.

Male receding hairline patterns

How to stop receding hairline is now a major concern for both men and women alike. Whereas before when only women were conscious of their looks and beauty. Hence the loss of thinning hair gives them the creeps for it means the loss of their crowning glory. Men on the other hand nowadays have become so metrosexual that the loss of their hair and sporting a receding hairline bothered them so much that many of them had delved deeper into endeavors in how to stop receding hairline.

Female receding hairline

A female is not as affected with androgenic alopecia as men since she does not produce testosterone as much as men are. While men tend to have the first onset of thinning hair at their temple or forehead, women inclines to have a general thinning of hair. Female receding hairline can be triggered by several factors such as menopause and pregnancy which actually happens in relation to hormonal changes in the woman’s body. Sometimes too, inappropriate beauty practices such as brushing too harshly or putting too much cosmetics in your hair can also lead to thinning of hair. How to stop receding hairline have now become much more important as maintaining one’s facial and body beauty.

Receiding hairline treatment

Vitamins Silly as it may seem a vitamin imbalance can be the most immediate and easily fixable of hair loss causes. What we eat impacts our entire bodies and we may never realize just how much our poor diet can damage things. Insufficient B6, E, and folic acid levels have all been shown to affect hair loss and simply taking a good multivitamin daily can prevent the problem from happening. Folic acid has also been shown to help regrow the follicles that are not yet dead but may have lost their hair strand. When looking at how to improve your intake consider your dietary sources as well as these are better and more readily absorbed than those you will find in a multivitamin. For example eggs, salmon and many enriched cereals have good levels of these in each serving. A richer diet also tends to be full of unsaturated fats which are not only good for your overall health but essential for hair health.

Supplements Many supplements are also great for helping with receding hairline problems. Cinnamon for example is commonly thought to be the best spice when looking for a natural receding hairline treatment. It is important to use the most natural untreated cinnamon you can find which means you may have to grind your own. Many natural food stores have raw organic cinnamon sticks that you can buy and grind yourself with either a spice grinder or pestle and mortar. It is really important that you find true cinnamon as many stores actually carry Cassia which is a close relative but has a stronger “cinnamon” taste. Almost all powdered cinnamons you can buy in the baking section are actually Cassia. Often referred to as the “magic mixture” the cinnamon needs to be mixed with honey and olive oil before being applied as a paste directly to the scalp. The mixture needs to have a paste like consistency and applied to the hair roots for about 15 minutes before rinsing off. Cinnamon and honey both have a variety of medicinal uses that have been applied since ancient times, it is not known exactly how this mixture is supposed to work as a natural receding hairline treatment but many swear by it.

Medications – There many advertisements for hair loss cures in all forms, including over the counter medications.  It’s best to avoid trusting the media for treatment alternatives and go straight to one of our hair loss doctors for advice and prescriptions that have been proven helpful on how to reverse a receding hairline.  The medications below are recommended by patients who are looking for how to fix a receding hairline:

  • Finasteride – This medication has proven effective in lowering the levels of DHT (androgen dihydrotestosterone), the leading cause of shrunken follicles which eventually stop growing hair.  Finasteride comes in pill form and can be used to help treat male-pattern baldness.  This and other medications are not always successful in producing new hair growth, so know the side effects and risks before taking.
  • Minoxidil – This drug is often used topically (applied directly to the head) and prescribed for hair regrowth for male-pattern baldness.  Effectiveness tends to be slight, but varies per person.  Female-pattern baldness is sometimes treated with Minoxidil 2%.

Whatever solution you will undertake to this condition, you must make with more than the adequate basis to be able to make an informed decision. Learn the different facets of these approved treatments for a receding hairline, how it would affect your general health with its myriad of effects and whether you can readily afford for such a solution to the problem at hand.


What is balding?

Anxiety over balding and hair loss can be quite acute. It’s no joking matter for men affected by baldness as even their self-confidence can be affected if they associate the condition with a deterioration in their personal appearance.

The condition known as Androgenic Alopecia, affects about 95% of men affected by balding hair loss. It is also known as male pattern baldness. Testosterone, the male hormone, along with heredity and age can be significant factors in bringing on this condition.

Hair growth at the crown can start to thin out and hair at the temples can begin to recede, leading to the well-known horseshoe pattern of hair around the sides of the head. Even men in their twenties are concerned about balding hair loss, although it becomes more noticeable when a man reaches the age of 1935 and over.

What causes balding?

No one really knows for sure what causes male pattern baldness, and if you ask five different experts to establish the cause you may get five different opinions. Most experts accept androgen as a hormonal cause for male pattern hair loss. During puberty, a teenage male will start producing more of the male hormone testosterone – a hormone that turns young boys into physically mature men.

Testosterone itself does not cause harm during puberty, except when it causes the body to generate dihydrotesterone (DHT). DHT creates an abnormal hormone balance in the body, and the body acts as though it’s allergic to it. The allergic reaction can result in the loss of hair from the scalp, although no other part of the body will suffer any hair loss because DHT mysteriously targets only the scalp.

Patients living with male pattern baldness have been shown to have much higher levels of DHT in their scalp than any other place on their body. For this reason, it appears DHT is the cause of hair thinning or falling out.

The link between genetics and male pattern baldness is very strong. Current research indicates that bald men inherited the baldness genes from their mother and not their father. Many believed a bald father guaranteed they would also go bald, but this has been shown to not always be true.

Poor scalp circulation has also been blamed for causing male pattern baldness, with the theory being that the lack of blood to your scalp causes DHT to build up and leads your hair to fall out. We are not aware of any evidence proving this theory.

The cause of male pattern baldness has inspired many wacky theories over the years. There is even one crazy theory that blames male pattern baldness on the growth of hair elsewhere on the body. Some claim that plucking out the hairs on your chest, arms or legs will make the hair on your head grow back. This is one of many theories that are entertaining, but have no scientific validity.

So, is there a baldness cure?

The best way to help you make your treatment choice is to consult with one of our physicians. Our doctors may be able to determine the actual cause of your baldness, and can help you choose the approach that would be the most effective hair loss cure for you. He or she may recommend making dietary and/or lifestyle changes to slow down the hair loss process. This may be the most cost-effective baldness cure for you, and certainly would not carry the usual risks associated with a surgical treatment. However, when you are selecting the best hair loss treatment, you should also be aware of the potential side effects and risks associated with their usage. Trying the find the best hair loss treatment suited toward your specific needs can be quite difficult, as there are numerous cures for baldness on the market with different active ingredients, claims and expense. It may become confusing finding the best company that can provide the best treatment of alopecia geared toward your specific needs.

Although finding the best cure for baldness may seem like a difficult task, doing some research by reading articles, talking to others who have tried products, consulting the internet for reviews and staying informed is the key. Once you have reviewed the treatment information available, narrow your choices by selecting the hair loss cures that is best geared toward your needs and desires, taking into account factors like treatment efficacy and cost. Because you have made the choice to treat your baldness, spend as much time as you need to investigate the numerous treatments available on the market today. Making the decision to treat your hair loss is an important one. The goal is to use your investment of time and money into finding the best cure for baldness available for you and targeted to your specific needs.

Propecia (Finasteride) is verified to be the most impressive hair loss discourse medicine to treat masculine pattern phalacrosis. Propecia is for men only, as well as is not authorized by the FDA as a hair fall discourse for women or children. Propecia makes by stopping the enzyme, Type II 5 alpha-reductase from converting testosterone to its progressive form DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the physical structure.

Of course, there are side effects, so it is wise to check this out thoroughly beforehand and decide whether you are prepared to live with them in order to stop balding hair loss.

Another treatment option for baldness is using a medication like Minoxidil (Rogaine). This treatment is most successful in men with baldness in the top of their heads.

Rogaine has to be applied on the balding region twice a day, wherein there is hair growth for as long as you use the product. On its discontinuation, there is a possibility of balding re-occurring.


Why you should consider hair restoration

Hair loss has been a common and regular issue among men and women. While in both men and women, it is associated with androgenic alopecia, chronic illness, trauma, and side effect of medications; in women additionally it’s caused by excessive hair styling, contraception, menopause, childbirth, and hormonal changes. Though the causes and patterns of loss could be different among men and women, surgical hair restoration is a great effective option to consider for both men and women.

Hair fall can be stopped by using related products and supplements but what when your locks are already gone? They can be gained back by hair restoration methods that involve various surgical and non surgical methods. Hair restoration treatments include Rogaine which is very popular and has shown positive results among its users. Rogaine was introduced as a drug to cure high blood pressure but it was later discovered that it can slowly prevent loss also. Propecia is another example of hair restoration treatment mainly used once a day. Its produces results in a stipulated time frame.

The advancement and research in science and technology has turned a number of impossibilities to possibilities. Earlier, restoring lost locks was next to impossible and thus baldness was the fate of the person with excessive hair loss. The latest technology has facilitated treatment of baldness via medical hair restoration.

Hair restoration is done through surgeries as well. In one of the methods the follicles from the rear part of the scalp are placed in the front part of the scalp through the surgery. It produces a healthy and natural result. Non surgical methods include bio matrix in which the real human hair are added to the affected area by weaving the hair together with the natural hair.

How hair transplant sugery is done

The most widely recognized type of surgical medicinal  rebuilding is hair transplantation. Hair transplant surgery is negligibly obtrusive contrasted with different choices, and can deliver to a great degree great results for some patients. Upgrades and developments in systems and gear have prompted hair transplantation being less demanding and more secure than any time in recent memory some time recently.

This technique of hair restoration involves Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transmission (FUT). Surrounded by several misconceptions, the medical hair restoration and hair transplant surgery is a relatively inexpensive, least time consuming, and painless procedure since it’s performed under local anesthesia. The surgery is confined only to the skin and there is no visible scar except the donor scar which remains hidden under the hair growing over it.

It is very effective and ensures a high growth rate. It can also be used in which the growth is stimulated in balding areas. The follicles are stimulated by keeping them in the growth stage for a longer period then usual which ensures a thick growth. It is done in three steps:

  1. By improving the blood flow and circulation in scalp.
  2. By reducing damage to the hair follicles due to external environment.
  3. By using various other hair loss treatments.

Lost locks can be restored by using these methods which are effective in long run.

Hair transplant surgery is undoubtedly the best treatment for men as well as women. A visit to the nearby hair transplant center can help you find treatment to get your locks back. If you fail to find a local hair transplant center yourself, internet can help you find one with ease. A simple search on your preferred search engine will yield numerous results displaying the name of hair transplant center in your vicinity.

However, before you decide to undergo a hair loss restoration treatment, it’s better to inquire about the reputation and trustworthiness of the center you choose. Make sure that the surgeons and hair transplant professionals are experienced and qualified for the job with proven track record. To ensure the same, you can read their testimonials and case studies. Speaking to their existing clients will help you obtain truthful information about their services.

Which hair transplant treatment is the best?

There is no single medicinal rebuilding treatment – hair transplant surgery or non-surgical – that is best for each patient. The choice of which treatment to utilize ought to be in view of a legitimate conclusion of the male pattern baldness cause alongside the measure of time, exertion and cash the patient needs to put into the procedure.

Non-surgical medicines like Rogaine and Propecia are simpler to apply and to some degree more watchful than surgical medications. The medicines are promptly accessible either over the counter (on account of Rogaine) or by remedy (on account of Propecia) and do produce results for some individuals. They are not successful in restoring hair for everybody, however, and it does take a while for any change to really show up.

Surgical medicines like hair transplantation and alopecia diminishment surgery are more costly than non-surgical medications and oblige more exertion on the persistent’s part. Recuperation time will change contingent upon the treatment utilized, and the more obtrusive helpful methods are hard to shroud or keep private in the days instantly taking after this restorative treatment. Now and again, patients may decide to set aside time off from work with a specific end goal to completely recoup.

The main dependable approach to choose a therapeutic hair transplantation or reclamation procedure is to see a specialist. With a fitting conclusion of the reason for male pattern baldness, he or she can give data and exhortation about treatment choices and also referrals to hair reclamation pros in your general vicinity.


Hair loss specialists

When to contact a hair loss specialist

If you’re one of the more than 20 million people who are dealing with signs of thinning and hair loss, you likely feel scared and embarrassed. Each time you brush and see signs of excess shedding or notice extra hair in the drain of the tub or shower after you shampoo, you may feel anxious and worried about your appearance.

The truth is that this condition is very treatable. The majority of people who suffer from it can stop thinning and even regrow hair with the right treatment. Depending on your type, there may be many available treatments to help you cope with the problem. The first step is determining the cause of your problem, which will require the help our our hair loss specialists.

Once you have a diagnosis, you’ll be in the position to choose the right treatment solution for your needs.

Most people have a natural inclination to talk to their primary care or family doctor about their problem, but often general practitioners lack the necessary experience and training to effectively treat it. To have the best chance for success, you’re well served to have a consult with a hair loss specialist or a hair loss doctor who has advanced knowledge of the many causes, types and treatments. Our hair loss doctors treat disorders of the hair and scalp, so you’ll want to schedule an appointment with them.

Why you should choose for our hair loss specialists

If you’re concerned about your hair loss and looking for information on how to stop it and regrow your hair naturally without invasive hair transplant surgery or exposure to harmful toxins and chemicals you have come to the right place. We have extensively researched a wide range of natural hair loss supplements and hair loss pills in order to uncover the most effective treatments on the market. Our goal is to assist you as best we can with your hair loss treatment decision.

Most of our customers would like to style their locks like they could in their youth and help recreate their own identity, but there are so many other reasons why people consult a hair loss doctor, that everyone’s reason is different. For some, the reason to see a hair loss specialist is to deal with confidence issues.

Below we will list some of the primary reasons why clients our choosing for our hair loss doctors:

1) Confidence – As mentioned earlier, confidence is the number one reason that people take hair loss pills. They are hoping that when they go out in public they experience absolutely no doubt about whom they are and how they feel. They want to have the confidence they need to impress anyone without people staring at their heads.

2) Style – Let’s face it, your hair is part of your style. Even if you wear a hat over your crew cut head, you still require some amount of hair in order to make the style work.

3) Girlfriends/Wives – Even if you do not experience confidence issues from your hair loss, you may want to buy hair loss medication to make sure you please your significant other. Whether they admit it or not, your wife or girlfriend is going to be more comfortable in public with you if you have a full head of hair, and it will also give them something they can run their hands through, which is always a plus.

4) Future Girlfriends/Wives – Just because you have no confidence issues caused by your hair loss does not mean you can’t recognize that it is harder to attract the opposite sex when you are balding. It is simply less attractive than a full head of hair, and even if you meet someone that doesn’t care, it is better safe than sorry.

5) Professionalism – If you work at a business, presentation is everything. Part of presentations is making sure you make as favorable an impression as possible, and to do that you need to make sure that you appear clean cut and ready to impress. A gleaming bald head, though it may make you look older, does not create the powerful impression that you will want it to.

As you can see, everyone has their own reasons to consult a hair loss specialist. No reason is right or wrong. Rather, they are all unique reasons that men everywhere decide to purchase products like Propecia. Consult one of our hair loss specialists to see if medication is something to consider for you too.

One of our hair loss specialists will most likely put you in a treatment regimen that may include the use of topical and oral medications. FDA-approved Minoxidil and Finasteride are the drugs of choice when it comes to androgenic alopecia. Minoxidil is a topical solution that increases blood supply to the scalp, giving nourishment to the hair follicles. Finasteride, meanwhile, is an oral drug that stops the further progression of alopecia and promotes  growth. There are other drugs, too, that are said to be helpful in preventing and treating these problems in men, but they are not yet approved by the FDA. So to be safe, you might just focus on those approved by the FDA, and these are Minoxidil and Finasteride.

Don’t wait too long to act. The moment you notice fall out, immediately seek the proper treatment.


Hair loss products

Hair loss can be an extremely frustrating problem to deal with. Not only is it embarrassing and sometimes even painful, it is a personal problem that can lead to emotional withdrawal and in extreme cases, the onset of agoraphobia – a mental condition in which people experience reluctance to leave the safe cocoon of their own homes.

It is no wonder then that many people will try almost all hair loss products in hopes of a cure. Unfortunately, there are plenty of companies that take advantage of this desperation by producing and promoting so-called solutions that are anything but. The average patient has spent hundreds of dollars on worthless ointments, hair loss shampoos, creams, and hair loss pills, only to find out that the only thing they have lost is their money, not the problem causing them so much anguish.

So, what is the truth about hair loss products? Which treatments truly work, and which will end up being a waste of money? This short solutions guide will discuss the following broad approaches toward hair treatment:

Hair loss shampoos

Most hair loss shampoos concentrate on achieving one or more of the following goals:

  • cleansing
  • deep-cleansing the scalp – removing chemical buildup
  • conditioning the scalp
  • coating with thickening agents
  • promoting fullness and body

As should be readily apparent, none of the above effects will actually treat the problem. They serve to make the condition more manageable by making hair appear full and bountiful even when it’s not. In addition, it is believed that a healthy scalp will promote the growth – at the very least, it won’t hurt the condition to create a healthy environment for the hair follicles there.

There are some hair loss shampoos that attempt to do more condition and conceal. These hair loss products contain vitamins or medications to help treat the underlying hair loss. In the case of vitamins, this is a less than effective approach. Many shampoos contain biotin, a B vitamin known to be essential for growth, but coating your head with biotin is useless; it must be taken internally to have any effect.

Medications in shampoos are more efficacious. Nano is an example of a shampoo that contains medicated agents. Users of Nano report that it is effective in treating hair loss, although detailed clinical studies furnish mixed results. Nano is an expensive option when it comes to hair loss shampoos.

Topical treatments

The standout product in this category is the chemical Minoxidil, which is marketed under the brand name Rogaine by Upjohn, the company that first developed it for prescription use. Minoxidil is now available under several other brand names because Upjohn’s exclusive patent has expired. In addition, Minoxidil no longer requires a doctor’s prescription. Anyone who wishes to try it can do so.

Most companies that market minoxidil treatments produce two formulations, one intended for men and one for women.  The major difference between the formulations is the concentration of active ingredient in the topical solution. It may be tempting for women to use the men’s product, since it contains more minoxidil, but this is not recommended; research studies have shown that using more than the recommended amount of topical solution will not lead to faster hair growth, nor will it cause more hair to grow.

Minoxidil comes as a liquid that is applied to the scalp area, usually to the crown of the scalp. Users are cautioned to make sure that no liquid touches any other skin area as this may cause the growth of hair in unwanted areas such as the fingertips. An eyedropper is supplied so that a precisely measured dose can be precisely delivered to the correct area.

Medicated serums

Minoxidil is the active ingredient in most hair loss topical serum. These treatments come in liquid form and are applied to the scalp using either an eyedropper or a metered spray applicator. In both cases it is important to apply the correct amount of liquid on a regular basis, twice a day, sometimes for as much as a year before effects become apparent. Many users begin to experience positive results in as little as four months.

Oral medications for hair loss

The best oral treatment for is the chemical finasteride, which is marketed under the brand name Propecia or Nioxin. Unlike minoxidil, finasteride still requires a doctor’s prescription. It is available in tablet form and in some studies has been even more effective than minoxidil at causing the growth of new hair. While perhaps a third of men using Rogaine treatment will see new hair growth, a majority grew new hair when taking Propecia.

Propecia has another advantage in that it requires no messy application of a liquid. Users of minoxidil report that the topical treatment tends to run down their scalp and onto their faces, and that care must be taken to rinse off all such liquid trails lest hair grow in those locations. Taking a tablet is much simpler and eliminates this problem.

Disadvantages of Propecia include the fact that is a product developed only for men, not women, and that it may cause sexual dysfunction in some patients.

Both Propecia and Rogaine share one major disadvantage:  treatment effects are not permanent. The patient must continue taking the medication or applying the liquid for the rest of his life in order for newly grown hair to persist. Hair gained via treatment will fall out if the treatment is halted, even temporarily.

When talking with your doctor about treatments, be ready to not only listen, but also to talk. Don’t settle for a treatment just because your physician has recommended it. Ask why that treatment was selected in particular and how it compares to others. By being an active partner in your health care, you’ll be in a better position to find the right hair loss products.


Hair loss prevention

Why hair loss prevention is important

Before it is too late, you should give your locks some attention and look for ways on how to prevent hair loss. A person is greatly affected without hair even if it is something we can survive without. Don’t wait for it to fall off as you can search for hair loss prevention treatments. So many treatments are available for you to utilize in caring for yourself.

Regardless of the many causes likely for this annoying condition, the most common reason is genetics. When you see that hair loss is evident in your family, it is possible that you will suffer from it too. Stress, lack of vitamins and nutrients at the scalp as well as harmful chemicals placed on your hair are other reasons. If it takes place in your family, with being extra careful you can try and prevent hair loss.

Hair loss prevention tips

Losing locks is a common problem which is affecting both the men and women equally. They become completely or partially bald because of this problem.

The first and foremost rule of hair loss prevention is to keep the hair clean. In order to do that you need to rinse with a good hair loss prevention shampoo at least twice a week. After taking the shower never try to comb as this result into tearing a number of those precious hairs of yours. Always dry them before combing. You should comb at least four times a day and this is a must do before you get into the bed.

The next important thing that you should do when you are interested in hair loss prevention is to massage the scalp with warm oil and then wrap the head with a warm towel before shampooing it. This is called the hot oil therapy and it is extremely good for health. Repeat this procedure at least twice every week.

Applying the pack is another good idea to hair loss prevention. This is a simple way to make an effective pack. First of all take a spoonful of card and the yolk of one egg and mix them in a bowl finely. Then apply it on your scalp and leave it for an hour or so. After it dries you can clean it with a hair loss prevention shampoo. Some lemon juice, tea liquor or white vinegar can be applied on the hair with water as they are considered to be the best natural conditioners.

Never expose it in scorching sun as the rays often cause severe harm. A hat or a scarf should be there to protect you If you are riding a bike and have long hair then never ever keep them open as the air and dust will spoil it completely. Short hair should be tied with a rubber band.

Always be very selective while choosing the products as they play an important role in hair loss prevention. The herbal products are the best choice as they contain lesser amount of harmful chemicals with bleaching effects. Always tie up your hairs before going to the bed. Otherwise they can tear by rubbing on the pillow.

In winter you need to be very careful about dandruff. The scalp become dry and the follicles get attacked by the fungus. This is the root cause of dandruff. So you should be careful enough and choose the anti dandruff shampoos for the prevention of hair loss. Keep the comb clean and never share it with others.

Asking people: “how to prevent hair loss” you may frequently hear: “be careful with your hair styling!” And they are right. Using clips, tight pulling and elastics daily may be the reason of the problem. Every woman at least once in her life tried different hair styles such as tight ponytails, braiding tightly, corn-rows, and plaits and it is not a serious problem. The only thing that should not be forgotten is that these kinds of styles should not be used every day. And by the way, the hair needs some time for rest. Be so kind and do not make it suffer from tight ponytails 24 hours a day seven days per week.

As soon as your hair begins to thin and fall away your troubles will have begun which in turn can lead to much embarrassment and it will also perhaps make others crack jokes about your condition or make you feel more self-conscious. No doubt, there are various hair loss products that you can try out but these may not be very effective and in any case, prevention is better than cure. It is therefore a better idea to start using hair loss prevention products so that the problem does not arise in the first place.

Hair loss prevention products

Choosing an appropriate hair loss prevention product is not difficult though you should learn about a few tips that will lead you in the right direction. First off, it is necessary that you find out all the dope on various kinds of hair loss prevention products and for this you can check out different websites that deal just with these products. Some of these websites in fact even promote hair loss prevention product and if you are impressed enough with the products being promoted you will be able to, in a more convenient manner, get to lay your hands on the right product without much fuss or bother.

It is necessary that you make the right choice in regard to the product that you opt for. The fact of the matter is that these products come in many varieties and so choosing the right one requires some insight. For example, choosing a product that contains plenty of Minoxidil will prove to be more beneficial to your hair since Minoxidil is effective in causing renewed growth.

However, makes sure that you exercise caution before choosing a product since many of the products being sold on the market are not FDA tested and so, you can’t be sure that these products will be effective in preventing hair loss. To be on the safe side, you should only buy FDA approved hair loss prevention products. Also, it pays to opt for those products that have been tried and tested over a lengthier period of time; so, the ingredients contained should, as far as possible, be natural; and, the product must ensure that your hair starts to grow up to one inch on a monthly basis.

Hair loss prevention product Propecia 
Male pattern baldness can be prevented by stopping from DHT forming in your scalp using Propecia (Finasteride) and Avodart, which directly attack DHT. Men with genetic hair loss that take Propecia at the first sign of hair loss have claimed it halted any further hair loss. Yet there are no medical studies proving this product works as stated.

Hair loss prevention product Rogaine
Rogaine (Minoxidil) has been established for years as the only treatment on the market to have any confirmed effect on hair loss. It also can be used as a preventative measure to prevent hair loss from getting worse. Rogaine is only partially effective in preventing hair loss because it can cause shedding when it’s first used, and it’s a topical treatment. Topical treatments are not as effective as oral treatments like Propecia.


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Our you still looking for a hair loss specialist that you can trust? Our committed and passionate team wins popularity all over the world. They know how to enhance the expectation of the client through perfect services and great hair loss pills.

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If you are having difficulty with hair loss, regardless of the reason why you were experiencing it, more than likely you’re looking for a hair loss specialist in order to help you to remedy the situation. Our team can take on a number of different forms, and they can really assist you in finding the a hair loss treatment that will work best for you.

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Patient testimonials

It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some reviews of patients …

The hair loss specialist here was absolutely wonderful. Very patient and caring and compassionate. Extremely knowledgeable and very detailed in approach when it came down to hair loss treatments. She prescribed me Propecia which gave me wonderful results! I will definitely be back if I have more questions that needs to be answered. I recommend her to anyone who has health questions. She won’t steer you in wrong ways. She is a true blessing.


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The hair loss specialist here was amazing. He told me in one session everything about hair loss medicines what it took 7 different doctors to tell me over a period of 3 months, and the best thing, he never saw me face-to-face! I feel much better knowing that he’s put all my diagnosis together in one place, and I’ll definitely continue further with him until I get all of it sorted out.


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Outstanding! I found much more information about hair loss here than my personal doctor I’m seeing in the US. I have got a new insight after speaking here. Also it is very easy to converse with the hair loss specialists here. They answered all my questions and provided additional advice and avenues to consider for my problem. A real pleasure to work with them.


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I’ve seen 10 doctors trying to figure out what’s wrong with me and here, this hair loss specialist was able to read all of my test results and provide me with intelligent insights explaining not like the other doctors I saw face to face. Thank you very much for helping me after struggling for 4 yrs with my hair loss problem, it’s nice to know that I can now start my search for help.


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For many of our patients we utilize a combination therapy method. This type of therapy involves one or more medical hair restoration treatments combined with hair vitamin supplements. We use FDA-approved medications and solid United States researched hair care products that have been clinically proven to slow or stop the balding process, and in many cases regrow hair.

Hair loss treatments

Many who suffer from hair loss want to know what the most efficient treatment is. Choosing for hair loss medication is a great option as it is effective and safe too. Know what treatments are around so you can make the right choice.


Prescription drugs

If you decide to stop hair loss, you are recommended to use hair loss medications like Propecia. These hair loss pills are available at drug stores and you can even order Propecia online. Find out how you can buy Propecia online.


Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements that contain natural herbs like stinging nettle and saw palmetto can prevent testosterone from getting converted into DHT – a hormone which causes male pattern baldness. So, if you are looking for the best hair loss treatments, you should certainly consider taking these supplements.


Topical solutions

There are a lot of topical solutions and creams available to treat hair loss. Particularly, topical solutions that contain Minoxidil are considered one of the best hair loss treatments by many. It slows hair loss considerably and promotes new hair growth as well. Most importantly, Minoxidil is not known to cause any significant side effects.


Hair loss remedies

Discover hair remedies that really work. There are so many different hair loss solutions out there that finding a good solution might become an overwhelming task



One of the most popular hair loss treatments is a surgery to change the progress of hair loss and balding. It is an incredibly effective, but expensive hair loss solution. The way surgery works as a treatment is through hair transplants, where small sections of skin with hair are taken from one part of the scalp to another.


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