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Hair loss cure

Finding a hair loss cure

Losing locks can be damaging to one’s self-esteem. That’s why with more than 70 million victims in the United States, finding a hair loss cure has been the goal of many. In the market, there are a number of hair loss cures available. It is just a matter of discovering which one is right for you. Usually you can figure this out best by discovering the cause of your problem.

You can’t find a hair loss cure for every cause, but there are a lot of hair loss cures out there. In some instances you may find another person who has the same cause of the problem, but the right cure for hair loss for each of you is different. This is due to the fact that no two people are exactly alike, which is why there are so many different hair loss cures.

Natural hair loss cures

Most people tend to panic once they experience hair loss and try to find a cure for hair loss in a product that will stop the problem as soon as possible. Before you purchase another product you may want to try some natural remedies.

Here are some natural hair loss cures that may work for you:

Natural remedy #1

Use Aloe Vera. Aloe vera is used by millions of people all over the world. Massage it on the scalp daily to promote growth and proper circulations

Natural remedy #2

Use Coconut Milk. Just like Aloe Vera coconut milk is very efficient in promoting growth. In fact combining these products together may have an even better effect then using them alone. Massage on scalp daily. Many vow that this is the best treatment.

Natural Remedy # 3

Take Multi Vitamins. Multi vitamins are essential in ensuring that you get the proper nutrients for you whole body to function properly. If you live a hectic lifestyle and are too busy to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need, a multi vitamin will take care of that for you.

Natural Remedy # 4

Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Avoid sugar filled drinks. The number one and best hydrant for your body is of course water. Water will help in flushing out the toxins in your body that cause problems such as losing your locks

These were only some natural ways to cure hair loss. If you are still unclear or not convinced, you should consult one of our specialists. They will be able to provide some better tips and medicines as a hair loss cure.

Medical hair loss cures

The commonly utilized hair loss cures for balding comprise of Minoxidil, Finasteride and supplements. More information of these products or services below:

Minoxidil – a hair atomizer or foam-based current formulation licensed by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a hair loss cure. The same as remarked above, it functions through curtailing DHT from diminishing the follicles, consequently causing regrowth. The product has Rogaine as its listed brand.

Finasteride – the next FDA-endorsed, drug-centered hair loss cure for guys. It functions the same a bit like Minoxidil and contains the corresponding brands specifically Proscar and Propecia. These sorts of brands are developed by a global medication-processing company identified as Merck and differ in capability.

Hair Supplements – these herbal treatments come with home elements enclosed with them. Healthy substances which include saw palmetto extract, pygeum extract, nettle and bay root, zinc, lavender oil, green tea extract and rangoli henna. These elements are all-natural DHT inhibitors, which in turn deal with the unwanted DHT bodily hormone and assists in air recovery.

Considerations before choosing a cure for hair loss

There are many different baldness cures on the market but those suffering from this problem need to make the right choice in order to ensure safety, quality, and effectiveness. The last thing you want to do when you are already dealing with the stress is waste your time and money on an ineffective solution, or worse still use a solution that contains harsh ingredients that then cause other problems such as reactions or high blood pressure. This is why it is important to find the right hair loss cure to tackle your problem.

Important considerations when choosing a hair loss cure

All solutions offer the convenience and ease of being able to apply them from the comfort and privacy of your own home. However, there are certain things that you need to check in order to boost your chances of finding a suitable product that has a very good chance of working. This includes:

Making sure that the product is suitable: Not all growth solutions will be suitable for everyone. For example, some are not suitable for women because they raise blood pressure and others are not suitable to use if you tend to use other products such as hair styling products. Make sure that the product you use suits your needs.

Make sure the product is safe to use: It is important that you use a product that is going to be safe and is not likely to cause health issues such as high blood pressure or reactions. It is therefore worth finding a quality product that is natural rather than opting for one that is packed with harsh chemicals and ingredients.

Check that the product is likely to be successful: The whole point of using a cure for hair loss is to help restore your hair, so buying something that is likely to be ineffective could just be a waste of money. Check the success rate of any product you are considering in order to get an ideal of the likely effectiveness.

All of the above are very important considerations that can help you to make a more informed decision with regards to which hair loss cure is right for you.


What is balding?

Anxiety over balding and hair loss can be quite acute. It’s no joking matter for men affected by baldness as even their self-confidence can be affected if they associate the condition with a deterioration in their personal appearance.

The condition known as Androgenic Alopecia, affects about 95% of men affected by balding hair loss. It is also known as male pattern baldness. Testosterone, the male hormone, along with heredity and age can be significant factors in bringing on this condition.

Hair growth at the crown can start to thin out and hair at the temples can begin to recede, leading to the well-known horseshoe pattern of hair around the sides of the head. Even men in their twenties are concerned about balding hair loss, although it becomes more noticeable when a man reaches the age of 1935 and over.

What causes balding?

No one really knows for sure what causes male pattern baldness, and if you ask five different experts to establish the cause you may get five different opinions. Most experts accept androgen as a hormonal cause for male pattern hair loss. During puberty, a teenage male will start producing more of the male hormone testosterone – a hormone that turns young boys into physically mature men.

Testosterone itself does not cause harm during puberty, except when it causes the body to generate dihydrotesterone (DHT). DHT creates an abnormal hormone balance in the body, and the body acts as though it’s allergic to it. The allergic reaction can result in the loss of hair from the scalp, although no other part of the body will suffer any hair loss because DHT mysteriously targets only the scalp.

Patients living with male pattern baldness have been shown to have much higher levels of DHT in their scalp than any other place on their body. For this reason, it appears DHT is the cause of hair thinning or falling out.

The link between genetics and male pattern baldness is very strong. Current research indicates that bald men inherited the baldness genes from their mother and not their father. Many believed a bald father guaranteed they would also go bald, but this has been shown to not always be true.

Poor scalp circulation has also been blamed for causing male pattern baldness, with the theory being that the lack of blood to your scalp causes DHT to build up and leads your hair to fall out. We are not aware of any evidence proving this theory.

The cause of male pattern baldness has inspired many wacky theories over the years. There is even one crazy theory that blames male pattern baldness on the growth of hair elsewhere on the body. Some claim that plucking out the hairs on your chest, arms or legs will make the hair on your head grow back. This is one of many theories that are entertaining, but have no scientific validity.

So, is there a baldness cure?

The best way to help you make your treatment choice is to consult with one of our physicians. Our doctors may be able to determine the actual cause of your baldness, and can help you choose the approach that would be the most effective hair loss cure for you. He or she may recommend making dietary and/or lifestyle changes to slow down the hair loss process. This may be the most cost-effective baldness cure for you, and certainly would not carry the usual risks associated with a surgical treatment. However, when you are selecting the best hair loss treatment, you should also be aware of the potential side effects and risks associated with their usage. Trying the find the best hair loss treatment suited toward your specific needs can be quite difficult, as there are numerous cures for baldness on the market with different active ingredients, claims and expense. It may become confusing finding the best company that can provide the best treatment of alopecia geared toward your specific needs.

Although finding the best cure for baldness may seem like a difficult task, doing some research by reading articles, talking to others who have tried products, consulting the internet for reviews and staying informed is the key. Once you have reviewed the treatment information available, narrow your choices by selecting the hair loss cures that is best geared toward your needs and desires, taking into account factors like treatment efficacy and cost. Because you have made the choice to treat your baldness, spend as much time as you need to investigate the numerous treatments available on the market today. Making the decision to treat your hair loss is an important one. The goal is to use your investment of time and money into finding the best cure for baldness available for you and targeted to your specific needs.

Propecia (Finasteride) is verified to be the most impressive hair loss discourse medicine to treat masculine pattern phalacrosis. Propecia is for men only, as well as is not authorized by the FDA as a hair fall discourse for women or children. Propecia makes by stopping the enzyme, Type II 5 alpha-reductase from converting testosterone to its progressive form DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the physical structure.

Of course, there are side effects, so it is wise to check this out thoroughly beforehand and decide whether you are prepared to live with them in order to stop balding hair loss.

Another treatment option for baldness is using a medication like Minoxidil (Rogaine). This treatment is most successful in men with baldness in the top of their heads.

Rogaine has to be applied on the balding region twice a day, wherein there is hair growth for as long as you use the product. On its discontinuation, there is a possibility of balding re-occurring.


Why you should consider hair restoration

Hair loss has been a common and regular issue among men and women. While in both men and women, it is associated with androgenic alopecia, chronic illness, trauma, and side effect of medications; in women additionally it’s caused by excessive hair styling, contraception, menopause, childbirth, and hormonal changes. Though the causes and patterns of loss could be different among men and women, surgical hair restoration is a great effective option to consider for both men and women.

Hair fall can be stopped by using related products and supplements but what when your locks are already gone? They can be gained back by hair restoration methods that involve various surgical and non surgical methods. Hair restoration treatments include Rogaine which is very popular and has shown positive results among its users. Rogaine was introduced as a drug to cure high blood pressure but it was later discovered that it can slowly prevent loss also. Propecia is another example of hair restoration treatment mainly used once a day. Its produces results in a stipulated time frame.

The advancement and research in science and technology has turned a number of impossibilities to possibilities. Earlier, restoring lost locks was next to impossible and thus baldness was the fate of the person with excessive hair loss. The latest technology has facilitated treatment of baldness via medical hair restoration.

Hair restoration is done through surgeries as well. In one of the methods the follicles from the rear part of the scalp are placed in the front part of the scalp through the surgery. It produces a healthy and natural result. Non surgical methods include bio matrix in which the real human hair are added to the affected area by weaving the hair together with the natural hair.

How hair transplant sugery is done

The most widely recognized type of surgical medicinal  rebuilding is hair transplantation. Hair transplant surgery is negligibly obtrusive contrasted with different choices, and can deliver to a great degree great results for some patients. Upgrades and developments in systems and gear have prompted hair transplantation being less demanding and more secure than any time in recent memory some time recently.

This technique of hair restoration involves Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transmission (FUT). Surrounded by several misconceptions, the medical hair restoration and hair transplant surgery is a relatively inexpensive, least time consuming, and painless procedure since it’s performed under local anesthesia. The surgery is confined only to the skin and there is no visible scar except the donor scar which remains hidden under the hair growing over it.

It is very effective and ensures a high growth rate. It can also be used in which the growth is stimulated in balding areas. The follicles are stimulated by keeping them in the growth stage for a longer period then usual which ensures a thick growth. It is done in three steps:

  1. By improving the blood flow and circulation in scalp.
  2. By reducing damage to the hair follicles due to external environment.
  3. By using various other hair loss treatments.

Lost locks can be restored by using these methods which are effective in long run.

Hair transplant surgery is undoubtedly the best treatment for men as well as women. A visit to the nearby hair transplant center can help you find treatment to get your locks back. If you fail to find a local hair transplant center yourself, internet can help you find one with ease. A simple search on your preferred search engine will yield numerous results displaying the name of hair transplant center in your vicinity.

However, before you decide to undergo a hair loss restoration treatment, it’s better to inquire about the reputation and trustworthiness of the center you choose. Make sure that the surgeons and hair transplant professionals are experienced and qualified for the job with proven track record. To ensure the same, you can read their testimonials and case studies. Speaking to their existing clients will help you obtain truthful information about their services.

Which hair transplant treatment is the best?

There is no single medicinal rebuilding treatment – hair transplant surgery or non-surgical – that is best for each patient. The choice of which treatment to utilize ought to be in view of a legitimate conclusion of the male pattern baldness cause alongside the measure of time, exertion and cash the patient needs to put into the procedure.

Non-surgical medicines like Rogaine and Propecia are simpler to apply and to some degree more watchful than surgical medications. The medicines are promptly accessible either over the counter (on account of Rogaine) or by remedy (on account of Propecia) and do produce results for some individuals. They are not successful in restoring hair for everybody, however, and it does take a while for any change to really show up.

Surgical medicines like hair transplantation and alopecia diminishment surgery are more costly than non-surgical medications and oblige more exertion on the persistent’s part. Recuperation time will change contingent upon the treatment utilized, and the more obtrusive helpful methods are hard to shroud or keep private in the days instantly taking after this restorative treatment. Now and again, patients may decide to set aside time off from work with a specific end goal to completely recoup.

The main dependable approach to choose a therapeutic hair transplantation or reclamation procedure is to see a specialist. With a fitting conclusion of the reason for male pattern baldness, he or she can give data and exhortation about treatment choices and also referrals to hair reclamation pros in your general vicinity.


Best hair loss cure for men

Hair loss treatment for men

Which is the best hair loss treatment for men in the market now? If you are looking for one that can effectively give significant results, then you are in for a long time of searching. The good news is, there are products that work, it’s just that you really need to know what you are looking for.

Medical treatment for hair loss is more likely your first choice. After all, medical experts know better when it comes to this, right? Or do they really?

Most of the medical hair loss treatments for men are aggressive methods that involve surgical procedures or prescription drugs. It leads us into asking, are they safe to use? Are these medical experts shoving treatments down our throats that are not yet proven to be safe and effective?

In the medical world, there is little room for mistakes. But this does not mean that every method is correct, and every hair loss treatment for men is effective.

Let us take a look at the best hair loss treatment used nowadays and we will find out if these methods are ideal.

Propecia as hair loss cure

Have you heard of Propecia treatment? If not, read on to know more about what this is and what it can do to help you.

Propecia finasteride is a prescription medication that is used to treat male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. This is a hair loss treatment for men only.

Although this is an FDA-approved pill, you need to see a doctor for a prescription before you can buy Propecia. The recommended dosage is one pill a day.

Why is Propecia the best hair loss treatment?

It basically functions the same way as other oral medication, that is, it inhibits DHT. DHT is a hormone present in our body that is responsible for retarding the growth of new hair cells. This hormone is a by-product of testosterone which can lead to severe hair loss problems if left unchecked.

Most hair loss treatments for men this kind of method. They aim to reduce or inhibit DHT both from the inside and the outside to prevent the clogging of hair follicles and to enable thicker and fuller strands to grow.

Propecia can help sufferers with slowing or stopping the problem. The statistics prove it. More than half of the participants who tried the medication Propecia reported that they doubled all of the hair that they had prior to starting the medication. And when this hair loss cure is used consistently, most can expect similar results.


Hair loss remedies

The hair loss remedies outlined here cannot provide definitive cures for all conditions, but they do represent regimes that many sufferers have found useful. In other words, they are examples of potential solutions that many patients have chosen after honestly assessing the causes of condition together with their expectations.

This article will focus on four basic approaches:

  1. Hair loss pills for those who don’t mind taking strong medications.
  2. A commercial product approach for those who prefer a non-drug solution but who still want a treatment that has a track record.
  3. A natural remedy approach for those who prefer to follow the natural route.
  4. A nutritional approach for those who wish to adopt a more holistic perspective.

DHT blockers

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the hormone which is responsible for male pattern baldness. It prevents the follicles from receiving the nutrients they need in order to survive. As the follicles weaken, they lose their ability to grow new strands.

It remains a fact that only two remedies for hair loss have been approved by the FDA and both can be classed as strong drug-based medications. Propecia (finasteride) is the treatment of choice for many men with good reason – it tends to work! It is a powerful drug that inhibits the formation of DHT in the system, eventually to a level that is sufficiently low to encourage a normal growth cycle.

Rogaine (minoxidil) acts differently in that it stimulates growth in both men and women by overriding the prevailing hair loss symptoms. These drugs can be used either on their own or in combination. Women should seek professional medical advice before using Propecia.

The world of commercial hair loss remedies is much less clear cut and it is here that many scamsters ply their trade to rip-off unsuspecting customers. The best advice we can give here is research, research, and more research! Many useful products are available on the market but none have been approved by the FDA. Probably the best, and certainly most popular, commercially available products are those containing natural ingredients that have been shown in field trials to reduce hair loss and encourage regrowth.

Hair loss supplements

This method is not widely considered as a good method for hair loss but is known to be the most natural form of treatment available. All you have to do is to simply take the right nutrients in your body, and that can be possibly done by eating the right food or supplements. Nutrient deficiency is one of the main causes of baldness as well. The key towards a healthier hair to prevent hair loss is by eating foods rich in protein and Vitamin B.

The main reason why they became the top methods for treating hair loss is the fact that they don’t cause serious damage to your hair nor provide any side effects. The following are well-known methods that have been done by a lot of experts in, as well as people who are currently experiencing this in their daily lives and were able to resolve the issue.

Hair growth shampoos

You should include a good growth shampoo in your collection of thinning hair loss remedies. These shampoos will typically include natural ingredients such as biotin, horsetail, and lavender. These ingredients will do a good job in cleansing your strands without damaging them. In fact, a natural shampoo will provide the strands with natural oils and protein to stimulate growth.

Avoid shampoos and other hair products which contain alcohol and other chemicals. They can cause the strands to lose their structure which will weaken them and cause them to fall out.

Increasingly, people are turning to natural hair loss remedies as they seek to combat thinning hair. This has an obvious appeal for many sufferers and there is growing evidence to support the view that some natural remedies may be effective in curtailing their problem. The most popular ingredients of natural hair loss remedies include ginko biloba, green tea, he shou wu, pygeum, saw palmetto and stinging nettle.

It is becoming increasingly evident that poor nutrition and modern lifestyles can have a negative impact on health, and hair loss is no exception. At the most basic level, improved nutrition can minimize shedding and support other treatments that encourage regrowth. This can be achieved by:

– eating adequate amounts of protein.

– eating appropriate levels of useful carbohydrates.

– achieving a healthy balance of dietary fats.

Hair transplantation

Hair replacement or transplant is known to be the most effective among all of the methods known to treat this condition. There are many methods that can be chosen when undergoing this treatment, such as the methods where the doctor will remove hair from your head, and will microscopically treat the graft on the hair to apply it in different areas where it is already missing. This will help you grow back some hair in missing areas in a more natural way because the gap on your head was resolved by using your own hair. Some methods involve donors who can provide a healthy strands for the patient to have, but might specifically require a type depending on the patient’s hair type.

Home remedies for hair loss

It is common for people to lose strands of their hair especially when it is wet or when they comb it very often. Experts say that there is a need for some strands of hair to fall so these can be replaced with a new set of hair strands. The average strands should at least be a hundred. Once there is excess in this estimate, then you might be suffering from hair loss.

If you think you are suffering from this annoying condition, the best way to deal with it is to consult a hair loss specialist to ensure that he or she will give proper diagnosis. People who are prone to permanent baldness caused by genes or those that are caused by skin disorders, they should consult a hair loss doctor what treatment options are available.

But for those who are experiencing this issue temporary, they can deal with it even if they are at home. The following home remedies for hair loss can be used to deal with it at home:

  • The wonders of massage.

Ancient people have proven that massage can help stop excessive fall out because it makes the follicles stronger. Aside from that, it is also good because it aids growth by putting the right amount of pressure on the scalp. Usually, this is done manually. You can do it your self or you can ask somebody to massage your scalp at home. If you don’t have enough energy to do manual massage on your own scalp, you can opt for electric massage available in most wellness stores.

  • Hot oil treatments.

Experts say that people who are prone to this condition can benefit so much from hot oil treatments because these can help prevent falling hair and can cure minor scalp disorders as well. To get effective results, at least three treatments are advised weekly. You can do this at home with the use of a shower cap. You can buy ready-to-use hot oil treatments that contain oils of several herbs such as sesame, olive, and coconut. For more relaxing hot oil treatment at home, opt for those that contain essential oils such as thyme, lavender, and others.

  • Aloe Vera extracts.

Considered as a “wonder plant” aloe vera is popular to many people especially those living in tropical countries—as one of the natural remedies or hair loss. Depending on the degree, aloe Vera can be used as a shampoo by using fresh pulp that is directly applied on the hair and scalp, as a tonic along with other herbs, and a drink or oral aloe juice for the body to absorb its ingredients faster.

  • Mixture of cinnamon and honey.

Many people say that one of the effective home remedies for hair loss is the combination of cinnamon powder and honey with olive oil because these contain properties that make the scalp as well as the hair stronger. By coming up with a paste that can be applied directly to from the roots down to the scalp, people can make use of it before they use their favorite shampoo.

  • Extracts of ginger.

A piece of ginger, once chopped and directly applied to the area of the head that has bald spots, can be one of the effective natural remedies for hair loss because it aids the healthy growth of  follicles. Since it can be smelly, you can also use its extract that is combined with fine lead powder to get best results.

A person should consider adding more vitamins to his her diet. Here is a list of vitamins and their anti hair loss properties.

    • Vitamin A. It is has an anti oxidant properties which facilitates sebum production in the scalp.
    • Vitamin E. This vitamin promotes proper blood circulation in the scalp, which is crucial for hair growth. This vitamin also assist the body to produce keratin, which is the main component of hair.
    • Vitamin B. this helps in melanin production.
    • Vitamin C. this vitamin is responsible for collagen production. Collagen holds the strands firmly making the hair stronger. As people grow older, the collagen weakens, which leads to hair loss.


Hair loss products

Hair loss can be an extremely frustrating problem to deal with. Not only is it embarrassing and sometimes even painful, it is a personal problem that can lead to emotional withdrawal and in extreme cases, the onset of agoraphobia – a mental condition in which people experience reluctance to leave the safe cocoon of their own homes.

It is no wonder then that many people will try almost all hair loss products in hopes of a cure. Unfortunately, there are plenty of companies that take advantage of this desperation by producing and promoting so-called solutions that are anything but. The average patient has spent hundreds of dollars on worthless ointments, hair loss shampoos, creams, and hair loss pills, only to find out that the only thing they have lost is their money, not the problem causing them so much anguish.

So, what is the truth about hair loss products? Which treatments truly work, and which will end up being a waste of money? This short solutions guide will discuss the following broad approaches toward hair treatment:

Hair loss shampoos

Most hair loss shampoos concentrate on achieving one or more of the following goals:

  • cleansing
  • deep-cleansing the scalp – removing chemical buildup
  • conditioning the scalp
  • coating with thickening agents
  • promoting fullness and body

As should be readily apparent, none of the above effects will actually treat the problem. They serve to make the condition more manageable by making hair appear full and bountiful even when it’s not. In addition, it is believed that a healthy scalp will promote the growth – at the very least, it won’t hurt the condition to create a healthy environment for the hair follicles there.

There are some hair loss shampoos that attempt to do more condition and conceal. These hair loss products contain vitamins or medications to help treat the underlying hair loss. In the case of vitamins, this is a less than effective approach. Many shampoos contain biotin, a B vitamin known to be essential for growth, but coating your head with biotin is useless; it must be taken internally to have any effect.

Medications in shampoos are more efficacious. Nano is an example of a shampoo that contains medicated agents. Users of Nano report that it is effective in treating hair loss, although detailed clinical studies furnish mixed results. Nano is an expensive option when it comes to hair loss shampoos.

Topical treatments

The standout product in this category is the chemical Minoxidil, which is marketed under the brand name Rogaine by Upjohn, the company that first developed it for prescription use. Minoxidil is now available under several other brand names because Upjohn’s exclusive patent has expired. In addition, Minoxidil no longer requires a doctor’s prescription. Anyone who wishes to try it can do so.

Most companies that market minoxidil treatments produce two formulations, one intended for men and one for women.  The major difference between the formulations is the concentration of active ingredient in the topical solution. It may be tempting for women to use the men’s product, since it contains more minoxidil, but this is not recommended; research studies have shown that using more than the recommended amount of topical solution will not lead to faster hair growth, nor will it cause more hair to grow.

Minoxidil comes as a liquid that is applied to the scalp area, usually to the crown of the scalp. Users are cautioned to make sure that no liquid touches any other skin area as this may cause the growth of hair in unwanted areas such as the fingertips. An eyedropper is supplied so that a precisely measured dose can be precisely delivered to the correct area.

Medicated serums

Minoxidil is the active ingredient in most hair loss topical serum. These treatments come in liquid form and are applied to the scalp using either an eyedropper or a metered spray applicator. In both cases it is important to apply the correct amount of liquid on a regular basis, twice a day, sometimes for as much as a year before effects become apparent. Many users begin to experience positive results in as little as four months.

Oral medications for hair loss

The best oral treatment for is the chemical finasteride, which is marketed under the brand name Propecia or Nioxin. Unlike minoxidil, finasteride still requires a doctor’s prescription. It is available in tablet form and in some studies has been even more effective than minoxidil at causing the growth of new hair. While perhaps a third of men using Rogaine treatment will see new hair growth, a majority grew new hair when taking Propecia.

Propecia has another advantage in that it requires no messy application of a liquid. Users of minoxidil report that the topical treatment tends to run down their scalp and onto their faces, and that care must be taken to rinse off all such liquid trails lest hair grow in those locations. Taking a tablet is much simpler and eliminates this problem.

Disadvantages of Propecia include the fact that is a product developed only for men, not women, and that it may cause sexual dysfunction in some patients.

Both Propecia and Rogaine share one major disadvantage:  treatment effects are not permanent. The patient must continue taking the medication or applying the liquid for the rest of his life in order for newly grown hair to persist. Hair gained via treatment will fall out if the treatment is halted, even temporarily.

When talking with your doctor about treatments, be ready to not only listen, but also to talk. Don’t settle for a treatment just because your physician has recommended it. Ask why that treatment was selected in particular and how it compares to others. By being an active partner in your health care, you’ll be in a better position to find the right hair loss products.


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It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some reviews of patients …

The hair loss specialist here was absolutely wonderful. Very patient and caring and compassionate. Extremely knowledgeable and very detailed in approach when it came down to hair loss treatments. She prescribed me Propecia which gave me wonderful results! I will definitely be back if I have more questions that needs to be answered. I recommend her to anyone who has health questions. She won’t steer you in wrong ways. She is a true blessing.


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The hair loss specialist here was amazing. He told me in one session everything about hair loss medicines what it took 7 different doctors to tell me over a period of 3 months, and the best thing, he never saw me face-to-face! I feel much better knowing that he’s put all my diagnosis together in one place, and I’ll definitely continue further with him until I get all of it sorted out.


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Outstanding! I found much more information about hair loss here than my personal doctor I’m seeing in the US. I have got a new insight after speaking here. Also it is very easy to converse with the hair loss specialists here. They answered all my questions and provided additional advice and avenues to consider for my problem. A real pleasure to work with them.


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I’ve seen 10 doctors trying to figure out what’s wrong with me and here, this hair loss specialist was able to read all of my test results and provide me with intelligent insights explaining not like the other doctors I saw face to face. Thank you very much for helping me after struggling for 4 yrs with my hair loss problem, it’s nice to know that I can now start my search for help.


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For many of our patients we utilize a combination therapy method. This type of therapy involves one or more medical hair restoration treatments combined with hair vitamin supplements. We use FDA-approved medications and solid United States researched hair care products that have been clinically proven to slow or stop the balding process, and in many cases regrow hair.

Hair loss treatments

Many who suffer from hair loss want to know what the most efficient treatment is. Choosing for hair loss medication is a great option as it is effective and safe too. Know what treatments are around so you can make the right choice.


Prescription drugs

If you decide to stop hair loss, you are recommended to use hair loss medications like Propecia. These hair loss pills are available at drug stores and you can even order Propecia online. Find out how you can buy Propecia online.


Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements that contain natural herbs like stinging nettle and saw palmetto can prevent testosterone from getting converted into DHT – a hormone which causes male pattern baldness. So, if you are looking for the best hair loss treatments, you should certainly consider taking these supplements.


Topical solutions

There are a lot of topical solutions and creams available to treat hair loss. Particularly, topical solutions that contain Minoxidil are considered one of the best hair loss treatments by many. It slows hair loss considerably and promotes new hair growth as well. Most importantly, Minoxidil is not known to cause any significant side effects.


Hair loss remedies

Discover hair remedies that really work. There are so many different hair loss solutions out there that finding a good solution might become an overwhelming task



One of the most popular hair loss treatments is a surgery to change the progress of hair loss and balding. It is an incredibly effective, but expensive hair loss solution. The way surgery works as a treatment is through hair transplants, where small sections of skin with hair are taken from one part of the scalp to another.


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