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Dht blockers

What is a dht blocker?

It is a known fact that hair loss can be heredity, and due to some hormonal changes in a body. It is also interesting to learn that an important substance that has an effect on male baldness is dht. This influences male baldness with the changes in hormone levels it invokes.

A dht blocker basically is a substance that plays an important part in facial and body hair growth as it is associated with the hormone, testosterone. Testosterone and dht is found in adrenal glands, prostrate glands and hair follicles. It is because of this function that dht blockers are used in treating hair loss.

How does a dht blocker treat hair loss?

It is when the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase acts on testosterone that it is produced. With the production of it, you find an increase in thinning hair and receding of hairlines in men. So to provide a counter effect here, there are now many hair loss supplements available with herbs and minerals that work with 5 alpha-reductase and thus create dht blockers.

It is the supplements and products with the right ingredients in the right amount that block the damaging affects of dht. It is usually men in the age group of 18 to 40 who are most susceptible to hair regrowth because of these hair loss vitamins.

A variety of treatment options with dht blockers

There are many hair loss treatment options available today with dht inhibitors. Some of these treatment options rely on antiandrogens, which are responsible for the combination of this hormone with androgen receptors.

Then there are dht inhibitors that work at creating a balance between regrowth and the shedding of hair in a person by controlling the production of this hormone. It is by limiting the levels of it in the body that this type of hair loss is reduced. The levels are reduced using a dht blocker products which include shampoos, tablets and supplements.

Products with dht blockers

Avacor is an effective dht blocker, with a regrowth formula that costs about $240 for a three month course. You can choose your dht blockers here in the form of detoxifying shampoos, thickening shampoos, thickening serums and volumizing conditioners.

Procerin is a leading herbal product that helps in treating hair loss. It contains herbs and vitamin and mineral dht blockers that are most effective in treating hair loss in men between the ages of 18 and 35. All that has to be done to stop hair loss is to take a tablet in the morning and at bedtime.

These are only some of the hair care products with dht blockers that work hard at treating hair loss and hair thinning. One of our hair loss doctors will be able to guide you on choosing the best product to treat your hair loss problem.

Dht blocker supplements

Beginning to lose your locks doesn’t have to mean you will go bald. Male pattern baldness may be something that concerns you, but learning how to control your problem, and possibly end it or avoid it completely, may be the key to maintaining healthy hair. One way to do this is to use a dht blocker supplement.

Lots of men and women seeking a hair loss treatment, or prevention, look for non-prescription solutions. There are a number of herbs that block dht production, or block its uptake by receptors in the follicles. A few of the best known dht blocker supplements are saw palmetto, pumpkin seed oil, pygeum, and stinging nettle. Zinc also has a blocking effect.

One interesting product that uses a natural approach, along with an FDA-approved drug, is called Provillus. It’s a two-part system. Part one is a blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs that provide nourishment to the follicles and blocks the hormone. Part two is a solution of Minoxidil, small amount of which is rubbed into the affected area twice a day.

It’s a well-regarded product. The theory makes sense, and lots of people have been very pleased with it. There is much more information on the Provillus website, including a number of written and video testimonials from happy men and women who have used it. It’s well worth a visit.

Best dht blocker

Experiencing male pattern baldness may not be the end of the world, but maybe you would still like to see the end of your problem. Finding a product that will make this possible is your goal, but you don’t want just any hair loss product, you want to find the best dht blocker.

There are some conditions a product must meet if it’s really the best dht blocker:

  • The best dht blocker will be all natural. It will have nutritious ingredients that will work together to block this hormone, increase circulation, promote blood flow to the scalp, clean away all the dead follicles, and give the nutrition needed for hair to grow, to the remaining follicles.
  • The best dht blocker will have no side effects. It will be safe for virtually any adult to take.
  • The best dht blocker will be compatible with other hair loss products. It will be safe to use with other supplements, oils, shampoos, and medications, without any interactions.

Finding the best dht blocker is possible. Doing some research on the Internet will give you all the information you need to know you are getting the best.Read all the testimonials, reviews, ingredients lists, side effects, questions and answers you can find about the products you are interested in.


Hair loss pills

Minoxidil and Finasteride are the two most widely prescribed hair loss pills. These medications are also been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Minoxidil, otherwise called as Rogaine, is a one of the best hair loss pills that is used to treat baldness and androgenic alopecia. This drug helps in slowing down the balding and stimulates the growth. It is available in the form of liquid and should be applied on the scalp.

Finasteride, popularly known as Propecia, are effective pills for hair loss for treating male pattern baldness in men. This is not and FDA approved for children and women. It works by lessening the levels of the hormone named DHT. Low levels of DHT results in less hair loss and in the regrowth of hair.

Aldactone and a high estrogen oral contraceptive are the other two lately approved drugs which are prescribed only for women because of their feminizing side effects.

How hair loss pills work

It has found that the main reason for hair loss is DHT. So, in order to stop you losing locks first we should block DHT. There are many ways to block DHT one of the main solution are hair loss pills. The most effective pills which contain saw palmetto should be choosen.

When you take a pill it will help you to keep away the DHT from connecting to the receptors in the  follicles. It will also reduce the substances which are provided by 5-alpha reductase enzyme.
Pills for hair loss which contain saw palmetto are mostly known and accepted among natural forms in order to block DHT. It has found that saw palmetto is the most successful anti- androgen which works in the same way as Propecia does. The process of saw palmetto goes in lowering DHT levels in body by blocking five-alpha reductase and then, saw palmetto will obstruct receptor sites on cell membranes that are mostly necessary for cells to take in DHT.

Pills to stop hair loss which contain saw palmetto are used in treatment related to prostatic disease linked with the production of DHT. This is same because this disease also relates on production of DHT which is same as Androgenetic alopecia. Saw palmetto is proved as an effective anti-androgen.

As it is an effective anti-androgen it can treat Androgenetic alopecia effectively. It helps the DHT inhibitor to stop hair loss and thus results in promoting hair growth.

People using saw palmetto had no much adverse effects. This is not same for all persons because different people will react differently. Some of the less side effects faced are stomach irritation, and indigestion. When you face such kind of side effects then, take the pill when your stomach is full.
There are many treatments for these problems. Saw palmetto was proved to be an effective medication. It is recommended to inform your doctor before you use this or any other hair loss pills.

Finding the best hair loss pills

Doctors and other qualified individuals are usually the most qualified people to recommend the hair loss pills that work for your needs. Because the treatment that will work best for you often depends on what is causing the problem, it’s important to involve your doctor in this process. If something you are doing can be changed, such as switching to hair loss medications without hair loss side effects for chronic conditions, they may be able to help you. Doctors may also be able to recommend hair loss pills that specifically work for your problem. When discussing your options with your doctor, make sure that you understand how pills for hair loss work and what side effects they may cause to help you make the best decision for you.

FDA approved pills for hair loss

The commonly utilized treatment plans for balding comprise of Minoxidil, Finasteride and supplements. More information of these products or services below:

Minoxidil – an atomizer or foam-based current formulation licensed by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the treatment of losing your locks. The same as remarked above, it functions through curtailing DHT from diminishing the follicles, consequently causing regrowth. The product has Rogaine as its listed brand.

Finasteride – the next FDA-endorsed, drug-centered alopecia medication for guys. It functions the same a bit like Minoxidil and contains the corresponding brands specifically Proscar and Propecia. These sorts of brands are developed by a global medication-processing company identified as Merck and differ in capability.

Hair Supplements – these herbal treatments come with home elements enclosed with them. Healthy substances which include saw palmetto extract, pygeum extract, nettle and bay root, zinc, lavender oil, green tea extract and rangoli henna. These elements are all-natural DHT inhibitors, which in turn deal with the unwanted DHT bodily hormone and assists in air recovery.



What is Propecia?

Propecia (otherwise known as generic Finasteride, or Finpecia) is the most clinically tested and backed hair loss treatment on the market today – fact! It first appeared around 1998 after the FDA concluded that men who take this hair loss medicine have an 83% chance of keeping the hair they currently have.

Over 10 years, it’s estimated that 99% of all men who buy Propecia experienced no further hair loss while 2 out of 3 enjoyed new hair growth. It uses the active ingredient finasteride and is most effective the sooner you take it after you notice your hair beginning to thin. If this sounds like you then take action now to make sure you keep the hair you have.

How does Propecia work?

Testosterone produced in the male body is the problem. It is one of the main factors in the production of DHT, (Dihydrotestosterone) which causes follicles to malfunction and shut down. This medicine blocks this process and in doing so stops hair loss occurring.

Testosterone, when it attached with 5AR (alpha reductase) generates a substance known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT then connects with the androgen receptors that are responsible for hair growth.

DHT creates hair loss in a number of ways. It blocks the replacement growth for hair; hair loss is a natural part of the hair growth phase cycle. Hair follicles that exist are also impacted by the DHT, as it minimizes the hair follicle, making it smaller and the scalp more prominent. This tends to impact men in the crown and forehead areas most prominently. This pattern, of receding hairlines and expanding bald spot are most impacted by the blocking of DHT development.

But, this is a hormonal intervention and it comes with some serious side effects to the point the product is fighting a class action suit, and steps have been taken by the company to provide refunds to those affected by side effects. The company website is currently offering information on the side effects and the refund process and the commercial area of the side is not currently active.

How To Take Propecia?

You should take Propecia as per the instructions of your physician. You should not take it for more days or in larger amounts than those recommended. You should also take it with a full glass of water with food or without and at the same time every day. In order to benefit the most from it, you should take it regularly.
You might need to take this medicine for a period of 3 months before seeing a benefit. It only works in the long term but if you do not see any results after taking it for 1 year, it is unlikely for you to benefit from further treatment. If a patient stops using Propecia 1mg, it is very possible that he will lose his hair gained within a year after. You should consult your doctor if this happens.

In order to be sure that you are benefiting from taking these pills and that you are not suffering from side effects of suing the drug, you need to have your blood tested often. You will also need to undergo a prostate specific antigen test, which checks for prostate cancer. If by any chance you miss a dose, you should take the doe you missed as soon as possible. If you find that it is almost time for you to take your normally scheduled dose, do not take the drug, rather you should wait until it is time to take your regular dose. If you take an overdose of Propecia 1mg, you should get emergency medical attention.

How much does Propecia cost?

A month of Merck-branded Propecia tablets cost about $200 per month. It is possible to find the generically manufactured products called Fincar and Finpecia sold by Cipla online. However, these versions of Propecia are not manufactured in the US, and do not have FDA approval. Be wary of buying Propecia knockoff versions online because you can never be quite sure how much genuine Finasteride is actually in the pills.

What are the side effects of Propecia?

You may find that Propecia causes some initial hair loss. Please do not be alarmed by this. This happens for a very natural reason. Your growth cycle is interrupted when you start taking this medicine. This is OK because the new hair that will replace the hair you have lost will be stronger and thicker than before.

Unfortunately, some men drop the treatment at this point and never get to see the full benefits of this course of this medicine. Don’t let this happen to you. The shedding stage usually only lasts a month at most and after that you will see what an effective product this really is.

Which Propecia results can I expect?

You should expect to see significant Propecia results within 3 months of using it, although some men get results much faster. In order to get optimal results, we strongly recommend you use an anti-inflammatory hair loss shampoo.

It’s really no surprise that this medicine is the most popular treatment available today. As discussed above, the FDA concluded that Propecia will give you an 83% chance of keeping the hair you currently have. That is a phenomenal statistic that no other  product can come close to matching.

Why should I use Propecia before other hair loss medications?

Propecia is proven more effective, more convenient and more affordable than any other hair loss treatments currently available on the market including hair transplants, wigs, topical application treatments such as minoxidil or any other alternate treatments.

Though this medicine is available on consultation basis only, you can now buy it from the convenience of your home from online Propecia clinics. These websites allow you to consult a doctor online, free of cost and get your medicine delivered to your doorstep.

Is there generic Propecia?

There is often confusion when it comes to the different technical and brand names of the number 1 male hair loss product available – Propecia. We will explain what these different terms mean for you and clear up any misconceptions you may have.

This medicine is by far the most powerful and reliable male hair loss solution on the planet. Years of testing and clinical proof have shown that men who use Propecia have an 83% chance of keeping the hair they currently have. With shocking statistics like this it’s no wonder that Propecia has had the largest success rate of any product to have undergone FDA trials.

Propecia is derived from another product called Proscar which had been helping men avoid the onset of male pattern baldness since 1992. Propecia is the brand name for a product which contains the ingredient Finasteride. So, if you hear or read about either Propecia or Finasteride be aware that they are the same thing. Sometimes people prefer to buy generic Finasteride instead of Propecia and this comes under the brand name Finpecia.

OK, so all of the names are confusing but what really matters here is that, essentially all of these products perform the same function. They inhibit DHT and in so doing, stop genetic hair loss in men.

Please note that none of the products discussed above are suitable for women. Propecia and its other incarnations are for men who wish to stop male pattern baldness by blocking the harmful hormones that shrink and disrupt the hair follicles.

Buy Propecia online

If you have decided to start treating alopecia right now, you can buy Propecia online without leaving the house. Without any significant efforts you can order Finasteride, and a courier will deliver your medication to your house or office in no time. On the pages of the Internet pharmacies you will be able to find complete information about the pharmacological peculiarities of this medication and find out about its price.

You will be offered to buy Propecia online for the reasonable prices and with great discount. If you buy the needed number of the tablets for the entire course of the treatment at once, Propecia price will surprise you. You will save 2-3 times more in comparison with buying this drug in the common city pharmacy. Before buying cheap Propecia you may contact a consultant who works round-the-clock and specify all details which will help you quickly and with minimal period of time order Propecia.

Cheap Finasteride has a certificate of authenticity and is strictly tested by the special committee before it reaches our warehouse. All conditions of the storage and transportation of the tablets meet the international pharmaceutical standards. You receive a quality drug which you can start using after getting it. The individual approach to each customer is the main condition which will definitely make comfortable conditions of the work of the client with pharmacy


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Our hair loss specialists are trusted by more than 100.000 satisfied customers all over the world. They are very committed and passionate when it comes down to hair loss supplements.



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Be impressed by our 60-day money back guarantee. This is a sign to our clients that we as a company really stands behind our hair loss pills. If you don’t see a significant difference after undergoing a hair loss treatment we will refund your money within a two-month period.


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Patient testimonials

It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some reviews of patients …

The hair loss specialist here was absolutely wonderful. Very patient and caring and compassionate. Extremely knowledgeable and very detailed in approach when it came down to hair loss treatments. She prescribed me Propecia which gave me wonderful results! I will definitely be back if I have more questions that needs to be answered. I recommend her to anyone who has health questions. She won’t steer you in wrong ways. She is a true blessing.


buy propecia

The hair loss specialist here was amazing. He told me in one session everything about hair loss medicines what it took 7 different doctors to tell me over a period of 3 months, and the best thing, he never saw me face-to-face! I feel much better knowing that he’s put all my diagnosis together in one place, and I’ll definitely continue further with him until I get all of it sorted out.


hair loss medications

Outstanding! I found much more information about hair loss here than my personal doctor I’m seeing in the US. I have got a new insight after speaking here. Also it is very easy to converse with the hair loss specialists here. They answered all my questions and provided additional advice and avenues to consider for my problem. A real pleasure to work with them.


buy hair loss pills

I’ve seen 10 doctors trying to figure out what’s wrong with me and here, this hair loss specialist was able to read all of my test results and provide me with intelligent insights explaining not like the other doctors I saw face to face. Thank you very much for helping me after struggling for 4 yrs with my hair loss problem, it’s nice to know that I can now start my search for help.


Our services

What services
do we offer?

For many of our patients we utilize a combination therapy method. This type of therapy involves one or more medical hair restoration treatments combined with hair vitamin supplements. We use FDA-approved medications and solid United States researched hair care products that have been clinically proven to slow or stop the balding process, and in many cases regrow hair.

Hair loss treatments

Many who suffer from hair loss want to know what the most efficient treatment is. Choosing for hair loss medication is a great option as it is effective and safe too. Know what treatments are around so you can make the right choice.


Prescription drugs

If you decide to stop hair loss, you are recommended to use hair loss medications like Propecia. These hair loss pills are available at drug stores and you can even order Propecia online. Find out how you can buy Propecia online.


Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements that contain natural herbs like stinging nettle and saw palmetto can prevent testosterone from getting converted into DHT – a hormone which causes male pattern baldness. So, if you are looking for the best hair loss treatments, you should certainly consider taking these supplements.


Topical solutions

There are a lot of topical solutions and creams available to treat hair loss. Particularly, topical solutions that contain Minoxidil are considered one of the best hair loss treatments by many. It slows hair loss considerably and promotes new hair growth as well. Most importantly, Minoxidil is not known to cause any significant side effects.


Hair loss remedies

Discover hair remedies that really work. There are so many different hair loss solutions out there that finding a good solution might become an overwhelming task



One of the most popular hair loss treatments is a surgery to change the progress of hair loss and balding. It is an incredibly effective, but expensive hair loss solution. The way surgery works as a treatment is through hair transplants, where small sections of skin with hair are taken from one part of the scalp to another.


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